Fighting depression tip #1


I know, I know. You literally have no motivation to even get out of bed in the morning, how are you going to find the motivation to put some gear on and go for a walk.  But if you can somehow find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, maybe instead of driving … walk/run/ride a bike!  Better for the environment too ;)

I myself am a lazy little shit, but I know for a FACT that my mood is instantly lifted after a rigorous workout session.  I guess it helps that whenever I went to gym with Nick, I’d get to secretly (not so secretly) watch him work out….dat ass…those muscles…. *drool*

But seriously, exercise has been proven countless times to assist in fighting off depression, especially when used in conjunction with counselling.

Do you have a dog?  Even a cat?  Take them for a walk!  You can buy special cat harnesses, imagine how cute it would be just seeing your little kitty out on the streets.  They’ll love you for it, how can you say no to their gorgeous little faces!

Plus, if you manage to keep up a regular work out routine, you’ll not only feel great, but you’ll LOOK great as well!  It’s a win-win!

The only thing that’s stopping you is yourself :)

If you want any ideas on what sort of exercises to do, feel free to ask!  I’ll post more “fighting depression” tips shortly.  We can recover.  We WILL recover.  We can do it together!

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